Pricing Programs

D.E. Duffey recognizes that what might be right for one person, may not necessarily be right for somebody else which is why we offer a variety of pricing program options.  Whether you like variable pricing that fluctuates with the market, prefer to lock in or “fix” your price so you know exactly what your price per gallon will be, you can be assured that you are getting fair prices on local home heating oil.

The Variable rate or market price program (sometimes referred to as a floating program) essentially moves up or down along with the market.  The price per gallon of this program will change almost daily and, as it sounds, is established based on where the “market” is.  This program has been a very good one over the last few years as oil prices have dropped.  

Our Fixed price or lock in offering is just that.  The price per gallon is locked in for a specified number of months.  Customers decide how many gallons they would like (we can help with that) and a contract is signed.  Oil is then delivered by D.E. Duffey automatically at the agreed upon price until the specified number of gallons are used.  

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