New Heating Equipment

It is a common misconception that the only time for new heating equipment is when the existing unit(s) stops working and can no longer be repaired.  While this is the obvious time for new equipment, replacing an aging system before it breaks down can offer numerous benefits and savings.

Many people spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars trying to repair old equipment.  This money, in addition to the money needlessly spent on excess energy used by an inefficient system, would have gone a long way towards the purchase of a brand new unit.  

In addition, as the age of heating equipment increases, it’s efficiency unfortunately decreases.  This decline in efficiency over time can add up to significant energy costs.  This is the single largest reason that homeowners swap out older equipment for newer, with some seeing up to a 30% reduction in the energy their home uses.  That can amount to serious savings!

No one likes to be cold, and the older a heating system gets, the chances of having to place inconvenient “no heat” calls goes up.  In addition to saving money and reducing energy consumption, new equipment offers peace of mind that your home’s heat won’t be interrupted.

Saving money isn’t the only benefit that stems from reduced energy consumption.  The decline in energy usage that comes with a new, efficient system also reduces the impact that heating our home has on the environment.  Savings and a brighter future for the environment, what could be better?

See for yourself how much money a new. High efficiency heating system can save you!

Old System: 1000 gallons x 2.25/gallon = $2,250.00
New System: 700 gallons x 2.25/gallon = $1,575.00

That’s a savings of $675.00 right back into your pocket!

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