Many people think that when it comes to cooling their home, they are limited to two options; Central air conditioning, which requires the space and accessibility to allow for extensive duct work, or old style window units.  Well, until fairly recently they would have been right.  Now however, there are multiple options for customers who want to be cool and comfortable in the warmer months including ductless mini split systems.

Already have Central Air Conditioning?  As with heating systems, the proactive replacement of aging Air Conditioning equipment can offer incredible savings.  Equipment that seems to be constantly running but just can’t seem to cool the home relative to how warm it is outside, condensing units that are extremely noisy when operating, inconvenient “no A/C” calls and most importantly large electric bills are some of the reasons that people choose to replace older systems with brand new ones.  Many who do are pleasantly surprised that their electric bills are significantly lower due to the increased efficiency and reduction in energy consumption.  Their home is cool and peaceful and intermittent air conditioning and inconvenient service calls have all but been eliminated.  Whatever the scenario, D.E. Duffey & Sons is committed to keeping your energy costs–and the temperature in your home–down this summer.  We are please to be able to offer a variety of solutions to keep you and your family cool.  

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